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CF-02 high precision kitchen scale


* Pan:304 stainless steel(Pan Size:185mm*140mm)
* 4key easy operation
* Metric, English two display:lb,oz,g
* Auto-off when there is no operation
* High weighing speed, suitable for quick packing
* Industrial-level design with high accuracy and high reliability
* Low power consumption design, use 3pcs AA dry battery, can be used over 400 hours
* Upper and lower limit alarm function, user can set within range or out of range alarm
* suitable for small food factory, in-house use, small goods packing
* Cap:600g/0.1g/0.05g,1000g/0.1g/0.05g, 3000g/0.5g/0.2g,5000g/1g/0.5g

CF-02 high precision kitchen scale

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